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professional floor sawing services

    Professional floor sawing services in Brisbane

    Our professional and experienced team have gained a reputation for providing prompt floor sawing services to customers throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. We offer our services to all industrial, civil and commercial clients, and to the residential homeowner.

    At Allcut Concrete Cutting (QLD) Pty Ltd, we invest in both our people and our equipment to ensure the best possible results, even on the most challenging of projects. 


    Whether you need help with cutting a concrete roadway, factory floor or paved area, our floor sawing experts in Brisbane can help. We’ve completed every type of project imaginable, from cutting concrete slabs, driveways and concrete trenches for plumbing pipes or electrical cables to the cutting of expansion joints in green concrete to control the cracking of slabs.

    Our machines range in size from a 20hp, 42hp diesel, 54hp diesel, 65hp petrol and a 66hp turbocharged diesel with a maximum cutting depth of 650mm. The floor sawing machines that we use are of the highest quality that the industry has to offer.

    Watch our skilled operator make sawing floors look easy with help from our reliable equipment.


    Allcut Concrete Cutting (QLD) Pty Ltd provides an efficient hand sawing service for the cutting of concrete, asphalt brick block and pavers where there is limited access and insufficient room for floor sawing.

    Our reliable hand sawing machine cuts to a maximum depth of 150mm, making it ideal for use on pathways, pool surroundings, garden shed slabs, square kerbs and channelling.

    We also have a small saw, which is used for hard-to-get-to places and is capable of fitting through standard doorways, cutting to a depth of 190mm.
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    Call us today on 07 3272 0940 to find out more about out superior floor sawing services.

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